2920 Zoo Drive in Balboa Park

Phone: 619-231-1515

Price: $48 one-day (adult)


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The San Diego Zoo is one of the most famous in the US and across the world because of the large number of animals on view in the attraction and the large amount of conservation work the workers at the zoo undertake. Just 30 miles north of the zoo itself is located the safari park, which provides guests at the zoo the chance to get up close and personal with the animals roaming free within its boundaries. Spread over 100 acres around 4,000 animals of varying species can be seen throughout the visitor hours, which do vary by the season.

Deciding to visit the San Diego Zoo is an easy decision to make for adults and children alike as there are different exhibits and enjoyable attractions added to the animals that call the zoo home year round. One of the reasons many visitors enjoy spending some time at the zoo is the large amount of trails that provide access to each area of the park and provide a more realistic and natural environment in which to view each animal. In many areas of the zoo the trails are named after the species visible in that area and provide a great way of feeling as though the visitor is on a safari.

Exploring the almost 4,000 animals on view each day within the zoo gives many visitors their best chance of getting up close to some of the most amazing animals in the world. A good example of the many different species that can be viewed in a natural habitat is the tree top walk that takes guests through a raised area inhabited with a large number of African and Asian birds, which provide a colorful group of birds rarely seen across the US. The many walkways and different options available to visitors to the San Diego Zoo also include the chance to get a different angle on this large animal sanctuary. A Skyfari attraction has been installed at the zoo to provide a different way of seeing the area from above under the guidance of an experienced and qualified team. A bus tour of the zoo is also available, which many visitors use to make sure they know their way around the park and learn which areas they wish to visit in more detail as they walk.

The San Diego Zoo is located adjacent to Balboa Park and provides the opportunity to see some animals and interact with them at the petting zoo on the site. The animals available through the petting zoo are largely farmyard species that are gentle and tame enough for any visitor to approach without worry. Sheep and goats are some of the most popular animals in the petting zoo, which is available to all the visitors to the attraction that features regularly in the top five available in the San Diego area. For visitors hoping to get as close as possible to the many different species on show throughout the zoo attractions the safari park operated alongside San Diego Zoo makes for a great option to see these animals in a natural environment. The San Diego Zoo and Safari Park offer an interactive approach to some of the most dangerous animals held within the park. Visitors can have the chance to get closer than they ever imagined to animals such as alligators, elephants and cheetahs.

The zoo also offers a number of services for its guests to make sure the best and most enjoyable time is had by all, which includes a number of snack bars and restaurants spread throughout the grounds for a comfortable time to be had by all.