Think of Colorado as your Ultimate Vacation.

Colorado has many fun things to do. If Colorado is your destination for family friendly vacation, the first place to visit has got to be the Rocky Mountain National Park. These 415 square miles of pure landscaped and mountainous beauty can be enjoyed by the entire family and include plenty of activities that are geared to kids. There are different attractions that are accessible within the summer and winter months.

Some of these activities include but are not limited to: trail hiking, camping, horseback riding, bicycling, climbing, and fishing. This National park also offers more kid friendly activities such as discovering the park’s natural array of wildlife. During certain times of summer, the bighorn sheep will come down to the lake area and most kids love seeing the newly born lambs. Some kids love to climb; at Gem lake, there are perfectly aligned boulders that are perfect for kids to practice their climbing skills and let some energy loose.

There are also a wide variety of guided trail tours that individuals of all ages can enjoy. Before you decide to visit the Rock Mountains National Park, please be sure to plan your trip in advanced, especially if you intend to visit during the summer months. The summer months happens to be the busiest time of year.

If physical activity is not your cup of tea, the family can enjoy a visit to the beautiful and eclectic Molly Brown Museum. It’s an antique Victorian home that belonged to Molly Brown, one of the survivors from the Titanic. With over a thousand travel reviews, this is definitely a destination worth adding to the must-visit list. The museum offers group and school tours as well as a gift shop. This is a photo-opportunistic place to visit, so be sure to have your camera at the ready!

Other things to do in Colorado would be to visit the Cheyenne Zoo. With close to four thousand “excellent” reviews, this is something everyone will sure to absolutely love! With an extensive array of animal exhibits, there is surely something for the entire group to enjoy. For the smaller children, there is a carousel available to ride, animal shows, giraffe feeding, and even a mountaineer sky ride where you can travel up towards the sky in a chair lift to see the spectacular views of the Cheyenne Zoo and the mountainous terrain of Colorado. If you are a plant enthusiast, the Cheyenne Zoo also offers a great deal of plant exhibits all around the park.

Looking for a fun attractions to do in the snow? Why not go on a Dog sled adventure? Visit Pagosa Springs, Colorado, where you are able to venture on a 90-minute dog sledding experience. Begin your adventure by meeting all of the dogs that will be on the team where your instructor will provide the basics on how to run the sled team. You are given the option to sit and ride on the sled or to stand on the rails in order to help assist the guide on running the team. At the end of your tour, you get the opportunity to play with the hard-working pups and enjoy some hot coco and cookies by a nice warm fire.