The Top 5 Best Things to Do in Florida

If you’ve never visited Florida, then you are absolutely missing out. It’s one of the top tourist states in the USA and for good reason, as it is absolutely loaded with all sorts of fun things to do for people of all ages, including kids. The Sunshine State contains many awesome state parks, intriguing caves, world-class beaches, modern amusement parks, wildlife refuges, and many other top spots to visit. Whether you’re a senior citizen looking to relax, or a young family with kids seeking an energetic and upbeat exploration of the state’s key attractions, Florida is guaranteed to have fun attractions for everyone.

In the section below we’ve listed what we feel are the top 5 best things to do while you or your family are visiting Florida. We’ve been sure to include venues that can be enjoyed by anyone, not just a certain age-group or demographic of visitors.

1.) Ca d’Zan Mansion – If luxury living and architecture are interesting for you, then be sure to visit the winter home of John Ringling, the genius behind the Ringling Brothers Circus franchise. Mr. Ringling’s mansion can be fully toured, where you will get a chance to observe all of the mansions beautiful rooms, amenities, and scenic outdoor gardens.

2.) Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory – One of Florida’s most intriguing nature conservatories, this insect park is home to well over 50 different species of beautiful butterflies. Visitors can view each of the butterfly species within climate controlled habitats that feature unique plants and trees that would be found in the butterfly’s natural environment. In addition to being able to view the insects, the park also hosts a learning center that helps its visitors understand more about all of the fascinating things pertaining to this colorful insect.

3.) Discovery Cove – Florida is home to many marine based attractions, however, Discovery Cove is one that stands out above the rest. This theme park is run by Sea World and lets its visitors personally interact with a wide array of marine life such as dolphins, tropical fish, and other human-friendly sealife. Visitors can also swim through and explore a man-made coral reef, one that looks as real as any that a snorkeler would find in the natural environment.

4.) The Kennedy Space Center and Visitor Complex – This complex is run by NASA and is loaded with tons of things to see for anyone that has an interest in out of this world travel. Here you can enjoy a space-themed IMAX movie theater, a museum loaded with vehicles and gear used by actual astronauts, a bus tour of an actual spaceport, a shuttle launch simulator, and many other cool exhibits.

5.) Castillo de San Marcos – For anyone with an interest in history, be sure to visit the Castillo de San Marcos, a huge 17th-century brick and rock fortress that can be found on the Matanzas Bay shoreline in Saint Augustine. The fort has numerous different fully guided tours, giving visitors to its grounds a chance to relive what life was like in the state of Florida four hundred years ago.