Minnesota is a state that is rich in culture and full of life. If you are planning a trip to Minnesota, you might be wondering what sort of attractions there are or other fun things to do with the family and kids during your stay. Minnesota has different things to do such as Native American heritage and historical sites, sports, and family attractions like waterparks or other kid-friendly attractions. Regardless of what your niche is, Minnesota will have something new and exciting for everyone.

History has been a subject that is intriguing for a number of people. If you enjoy learning about cultures of the past, then there are numerous engaging, and interactive areas of Minnesota that you can visit that will deepen your understanding of how the world was for folks in that state during previous time periods. One of the most popular historical sites is The Forest History Center. This is the most extensive and immersive historical program Minnesota has to offer. Visitors are taken on a lengthy journey to learn about the logging camps that riddled Minnesota forests throughout the early 1900’s. Wearing closed-toed shoes and comfortable clothing is highly recommended for this tour.

Native Americans have inhabited today’s Minnesota for centuries. Before the English settlers arrived, the main tribe that took up Minnesota was the Dakota tribe. Minnesota honors this cultural heritage with Native historical sites and events such as the Jeffers Petroglyphs, Mille Lacs Indian Museum, and Trading Post, or Onamia, Minnesota’s annual Pow Wow festival. Even the kids will love these!

For the sports buff out there, don’t worry, Minnesota has you covered! Minnesota houses the U.S. Bank Stadium which is also the home of the Minnesota Vikings. The U.S. Bank Stadium is relatively new, standing in place of the former Metrodome. The U.S. Bank stadium has a unique design while being fully enclosed. It features a translucent ceiling and window panels that allow the stadium to be lit naturally. This stadium should be on the list of “must-visit” for all sports fans.

If the kids are wanting something upbeat and exciting that best suits their age ranges, there is a wide array of indoor waterparks scattered throughout Minnesota like Big Splash and the Great Serengeti Water Park. Want something a little less energetic and more educational? No problem! Minnesota has a few brand-new discovery-type centers designed to help children learn about their surroundings. For instance, The Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota features outdoor exhibits which include a small farm where children can learn how to interact with farm animals such as chickens, pigs, cows, and goats. They are taught how crops are grown and are even given the opportunity to participate in planting, watering, and picking produce. They encourage getting dirty and learning the importance of arduous work in a fun and controlled environment.

Hopefully, this sentiment has aided in the decision of what to do during your stay in Minnesota. Regardless of what you choose or plan to do, you and your family will have an amazing vacation.