Missouri is a great place to visit and have a good time with your family. There are historical sites, scenic views to capture, drive around the state, and eat at restaurants that serve the finest recipes. The natural blend of natural aspects and modern features make this state unforgettable to many visitors. You can look forward to the fresh air as you explore the fun things to do in Missouri that will keep you and your family enthralled the whole stay.

1. St. Louis Zoo

The famous St. Louis Zoo has various wild animals you can photograph free of charge. The tour guides will tell you about the park’s history, which has been in existence since 1904.

Both children and adults like animal exhibits, but you can also take a walk into the Fragile Forest. The Butterfly House is filled with a beautiful collection of butterflies, flying up and about in the space. There is so much to see and learn at the St. Louis Zoo.

2. Water Sports

Missouri has amazing waters at Lake Ozark, where you can enjoy surfing, boating, swimming, or even lying by the shores. The Big Surf Water Park has areas designated for surfing, and you can also find lounging areas to enjoy the water scenery.

On a cold day, the Timber Falls offers indoor water activities such as a warm pool and water slides. The boats ride at the White Water Park offer a great moment to bond with nature around the lake, and it is safe even for young children.

3. Missouri Botanical Gardens

Missouri Botanical Gardens is the highlight of fun things to do in Missouri. If you want to relax outdoors, you can visit these Gardens to learn about various plants. These Botanical Gardens have been around from the 17th century, rich history of the city’s love for preserving nature and educating the public.

You can wear your trekking shoes for the day, but the gardens cover about 80 acres of land. There is a village inside the garden where the founder lived, and there are Japanese and Chinese cultural festivals to entertain the visitors.

4. Hermann Wine Trail

Missouri has a rich history that is told in different ways. The Hermann Wine Trail is about a German community that settled in this city in the early 17th century. This community was great at wine brewery and cultivated vines making the business thrive.

These farmlands are funded by the government today, and you can learn so much from the Grape and Wine Program. Wine is on sale, and there are tourist inns that you can book for the night to experience a different side of this famous city.

Fun things to do in Missouri are endless. Once you land in this state, you can start ticking each activity off your bucket list, as you enjoy the fun each day.