Toledo is full of interesting things to do for both returning and first-time visitors. One of the most popular attractions is the zoo, situated in the South End neighborhood. Animals from tropical to polar locations can be viewed there. Another fun outdoor activity that is suitable for visitors of all ages is Cedar Point Amusement Park. Featuring 68 rides, this park boasts 16 rollercoasters, one of which reaches 120-mph speeds. Toledo is also home to several outdoor recreational parks.

One of the most fun things to do in Toledo is visit the beach area at Maumee Bay State Park & Resort. The Maumee River connects to the bay. Boat rides on the river in the Sandpiper are a fun and unique opportunity. Built in 1984, the Sandpiper carries 100 passengers. Another boat that can be seen on the river is the SS William B. Boyer ship. This 617-foot freight boat dates back to 1911 and is for viewing only. Also situated along the Maumee River is Fort Meigs State Memorial. Originally built in 1813, the fort was intended to ward off British invaders.

Seeing shows is one of the many fun things to do in Toledo. The city’s most historic location is the Valentine Theater. It received a multi-million-dollar renovation in 1999 and is now nearing its 110th birthday. Another historic performing arts building is the Repertoire Theater, boasting performances that educate and entertain. Ohio’s only true professional opera is the Toledo Opera, featuring Broadway and grand opera performances. For musical performances, visit the Toledo Symphony Orchestra.

The Toledo Museum of Art features hundreds of exhibits with paintings, sculptures and other created artifacts. Also featured are an impressive glass exhibit and a mummy exhibit. Perfect for all ages, the Toledo Firefighters Museum educates visitors about fire safety, firefighting and Toledo’s history of firefighters. Another museum attraction is the historic Wolcott House. Dating back to the 1880s, the structure is now a museum to teach visitors about life in the pioneer days. There are several other things to do in Toledo, from visiting a farmer’s market to watching the Speedway races.

There are many exciting communities in Toledo to explore too.