Oregon is a wild and lush state located between California and Washington that offers various attraction sites. You will enjoy every bit since there is something for everyone, from its natural sceneries, beaches to beautiful coastal landscapes. In this piece, you will learn some fun things to do in Oregon in different locations.

Best Attractions and Activities in Oregon

Some of the areas that are worth visiting include:

Crater lake National park

Crater Lake Park is one of the most visited places across the globe. You can enjoy sightseeing with friends and family and engage in fishing, swimming, boating, and camping. You can also go on a hiking trail along the spectacular rock pillars and gardens filled with flowers. You can indulge in some chilly pursuits during winter, such as sledding, skiing, and snowshoeing.

Sea Lion Caves

You can visit the Sea Lion Caves that have hundreds of sea lions in the underground caverns. At the bottom, you will enjoy a new type of sightseeing as the animals get on the rocks to caper as they socialize and chatter. Additionally, there is a whale-watching deck where you can try to spot orcas. Also, purchase some souvenirs, and also know more about marine life at the learning station.

Anthony Lakes

If you love skiing, Anthony Lakes should be your next destination, located in the Elkhorn range in the eastern Blue Mountains. It has hundreds of acres for ski terrain with a vertical drop and a triple chairlift to raise your adrenaline. You can get to several mountain peaks to indulge in skiing across various trails. Once the snow melts, it offers an opportunity to go hiking around the lake on easy and challenging loops. You can then relax in the nearby lodge that offers full service to visitors.

Hartfield Marine Science Center

The Hartfield Marine Science Center that is part of Oregon University, has scientists who study ocean creatures. It’s open to the public; thus, you can learn about marine life as you enjoy touching various water animals. Some of them include sea stars and fish as you view some ornamental ones. You also have an opportunity to see the octopus as it feeds.

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach on the north Oregon coast is another popular attraction you need to visit. It offers a wide range of activities along the sandy stretch and a spectacular view of coastal rocks. One of the famous sights is the enormous haystack rock visible on any background on the beach. Additionally, you can indulge in the lively activities such as snorkeling, surfing, and swimming.

Willamette Valley

Oregon also offers you a chance for some wine tasting in the Willamette Valley. You can enjoy your afternoon while sipping a drink in the company of friends and family in a natural setting. Further, you can go on a horse riding experience in the fields.

Enjoy many other fun things to do in Oregon. It has a collection of world-class attractions for everyone’s needs, whether you need to relax on the beach or go through some breathtaking thrills.