Washington State, known as the Evergreen State, first received that nickname when C.T. Conover a pioneer Seattle realtor and historian called it that because of its vast evergreen forests. You may be planning a trip to the state of Washington and wondering about the fun activities ahead. The state offers beautiful nationals parks, wild fans in the sports stadiums and unforgettable landmarks.

Visit the Space Needle

Located in Seattle, this landmark offers panoramic views of the urban Seattle landscape. You have a 360-degree view from the observation deck. You can visit this spot multiple times because of how the aerial landscape changes based on if you go at night or during the day. At one point, the Space Needle was listed as the tallest building west of the Mississippi at 600 feet and 105 feet wide. The site became a historic landmark on April 19, 1999. They built the Space Needle on April 17, 1961.

Olympic National Park

Handing us one of the finest examples of temperate rainforests in the United States, Olympic National Park covers 922,650 acres and holds thousands of years of human history. This region remains untouched by humans, and the park beckons you forth with a wealth of natural treasures like tranquil lakeshores, alpine highlands and snowcapped peaks with lush forests. This source of national pride deserves a visit.

Mount Rainier National Park

Coming in at a height of 14,410 feet, Mount Rainier is the tallest mountain in Washington State. Because of the high risk of an eruption, volcano experts rank Mount Rainier as the most dangerous volcano in the world. The park holds the starting point of five major rivers. You can visit Mount Rainier each season to have an entirely new experience.

Wild Waves

A theme park with rides and a water park, it’s located in Federal Way not far from Tacoma.

T-Mobile Park

Opened for baseball in 1999, T-Mobile Park developed a reputation as a terrific setting for baseball fans. This location has something to satisfy the appetite of every baseball fan from those who love more traditional baseball fare to those who want vegetarian and gluten-free options. When it starts to rain in Seattle, the stadium closes its retractable roof, which is awesome to witness. At T-Mobile Park, you can watch the Mariners play ball.

CenturyLink Field

Home of the Seattle Seahawks, this multipurpose stadium sits in the SoDo neighborhood. SoDo means South of Downtown, and this beautiful neighborhood holds a revitalized industrial complex with elegant art galleries and artist’s lofts. The stadium holds over 67,000 seats, and it has a reputation as being the loudest stadium in the NFL. At one point, it even held the Guinness Book of World Records as being the loudest. The partial roof and seating decks trap the noise and amplify it to reflect it over the field. The original owners designed it for this purpose.

Hopefully, this lists a few things that you might enjoy. Contrary to popular belief, Seattle is not the capital of the state. Olympia, while a much smaller city at a population of 52,555, is the capital. An interesting fact about the state of Washington, they produce more apples than any other state.