Indiana is full of amazing views, amazing food and beautiful places to view with the family on your next trip. The best time of year to visit Indiana is in September through October but you can go anytime of year you like. There are beautiful national parks and tourist beaches that draw in the crowd. A trip to Indiana can be very affordable and fulfilling. Below is a list of 5 fun things to do in Indiana.

Indiana Dunes National Park

A popular beach in Indiana would be the Indiana Dunes National Park which is on the beach coast of Lake Michigan. This national park is located on the northern side of Indiana closer to Chicago, Illinois. There are plenty of hotels near the beach front to accommodate your next trip.

Deep River Water Park

Built in 1995, Deep River Water park is a seasonal outdoor water park during the summer months and is then converted to a winter ice skating rink during the colder months. The water park is located in Crown Point, Indiana. Due to its seasonal versatility, the park is open most of the year allowing tourists, residents and visitors to have access to year round fun.

Friendship Botanical Garden

Located in Michigan City, Indiana, Friendship Botanical Garden is a beautiful garden park with venues and trails. The botanical garden also hosts many events and festivals such as the Polish Festival which takes place usually in mid September. Great food and attractions are brought to the garden during festivals and events which allows visitors and residents access to fun festivities throughout the warmer seasons and fall season.

Old Lighthouse Museum

Also located in Michigan City, Indiana, is the Old Lighthouse Museum. It was originally built in 1858 and is a Michigan City landmark. The museum is built right on the coast of Lake Michigan. There are tours of the lighthouse that cost less than $10.00 and allow you access to the lantern room to view where all the action happens in a lighthouse. There is much to be learned about American history that can be discovered at the Old Lighthouse Museum.

Indiana Railway Museum

Closer to Louisville is a historic train museum in French Lick, Indiana. It is known for its train ride through the forest. Some of the on display train carts are still operational and the Indiana Railway Museum offers train rides on schedules. This means you can ride a train through parts of Indiana and experience the power and force of an older train first hand. The museum also offers child attractions like the “bunny express” or adult attractions like having dinner on a train. If you have never experienced riding an old train then the Indiana Railway Museum is the place to do it on your next trip.

On your next trip to Indiana, these are the places to consider. They offer a wide range of exploration across Indiana and most locations are available year around. Indiana is known for its railways so pick a train and climb aboard. These are just a few fun things to do in Indiana.